Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

When looking at different lawn mowing equipment, it is easy to see why John Deere is one of the top companies on the market. With a full array of models to pick from, they stand behind their products with both praise and fear. For some their mowers are a godsend, others swear by them dreadfully. One thing that they all share though, is the high quality of work that John Deere offers.

self propelled lawn mower reviews john deere

There are all kinds of features when it comes to these types of mowers. From the size to the engine size, you can find everything that you would want or need in an off-road machine. The best review of these products tends to come from consumers, and John Deere is no exception.

The most common review you will run across is that of the zero turn lawn mower. These mowers are built with the rider in mind. They can handle uneven ground and rough sidewalks easily, making them perfect for people who tend to have their own personal transportation. For this reason, these mowers tend to be much better in rocky terrain. Still, with a little practice and the right brand, any rider can master the zero turn.

The next item up for scrutiny is the belt-drive lawn mower. These mowers do not require a belt to drive the lawnmower, but instead, a chain drives the mower from the rear. This is an extremely efficient design, but one that John Deere does not try to make the exterior of their machines as bland as possible. To add to the lack of decoration, they tend to lack the usual features that one would find on a true mower. One of the notable exceptions is the ability to lock the front wheels, which is usually found only on true mowers like the Bissell brand. Even with this limitation, many consumers find the Bissell mowers to be superior to other brands.

One of the most common mower reviews you will run across is that of the zero turn lawn mower. While it is easy to see why this brand receives high marks from consumers, there are some limitations as well. These mowers tend to turn in the direction of the user, meaning they are only effective if you are also going in the same direction. Because of this, many times it is better to purchase a second or third unit to use in conjunction with this model.

The next item up for review is the John Deere Curved Mower. Like the zero turn, these mowers can also be bought in a third unit that connects to the tractor. This makes mowing more convenient because the mower can already do all the work for you. There is no need for you to have to lug the lawn mower behind you or up and down a set of stairs. However, there are some disadvantages to owning one of these mowers, which we will now explore.

One of the first things people say when they try one of these is that it is noisy. While it is true that the engine of a John Deere self propelled lawn mower does produce quite a bit of noise, it is not nearly as loud as the motors used in some of the top brands. The only people who complain about the noise level are those who are concerned with the noise being generated by the lawn mower motor itself. If you own a model with a noisy engine, you may want to consider purchasing a different model or just keeping the one you have. In addition, in most cases the noise coming from the engine is actually better than what one would hear from a riding mower.

Another common complaint is that many people find that the grass on their lawn is flat and lifeless after using one of these mowers. While this can be true of any mower, it is especially true of the John Deere brand of mowers. While the quality of the cutters used in most of the top mower brands is good, the quality of the blades in the John Deere mower is actually one of the best. This means that not only will your grass be more beautiful but that it will also be healthier and more abundant when you mow your lawn with one of these mowers.