Is a Homemade Robot Lawn Mower Worth the Cost?

Many people have shown off their lawnmowers, tractors and other yard tools by building a homemade robot lawn mower that looks just like the real thing. It may sound ridiculous, but some people have actually built one. They call it a Rockwell. If you love this rustic looking stone-age looking cave-like enclosure on wheels.

It fits perfectly in with the rest of their lawn and adds a whole lot of nature to the garden. At several angles of the yard, this enclosure tends to look like a huge rock feature in the center of the flower beds, and not an enclosure for a lawn robot lawn mower. The design of the Rockwell is one of its favorites among hobbyists. It has a very long lasting battery, and can go for hours on end on its own. The speed of its rotation can also vary, depending on the setting you have chosen, and it certainly looks good no matter what you are doing.

One thing you will notice immediately about the Rockwell if you look at it is its eyes. They have this strange blue tinge and seem to be attracted to the sun all the time, even though they stay asleep at night. That makes it another favorite with the children when they like to go outdoors and enjoy themselves. And if your children have grown up and have their own tastes and hobbies then they will no doubt enjoy having their favorite robot lawn mower as much as you do.

A Rockwell Robot lawn mower does come with a lifetime warranty, which covers everything except for defects in materials and workmanship. It is definitely recommended that you take this into consideration before making such an expensive purchase. In terms of price, it is certainly a close second to the Stihl Deathgoggle, the old school kids’ favorite. This one costs only a little over a hundred dollars. The Stihl Deathgoggle lasts up to five years in the warranty, but the Rockwell lasts about ten times that.

As for the quality of construction, both come in pretty sturdy units. The durability of both is also very similar, and both are pretty durable in their reputations. Of course, some of that longevity has to do with being used in a variety of climates. The Rockwell is almost always used outside, while the Stihl is great for use in colder weather. You will notice the difference between the two, but neither can really be said to be better than the other in any way.

The ability to manually change the level of the deck requires a little imagination, but the ability to control the length of the blades on the lawn mower is beyond anything that a set of cheap extension springs can offer. A hobbyist who wants to get serious about their hobbies will eventually move on to something more substantial. Getting the right DIY electric lawn mowers will give you that opportunity, so why not go for it now?

Now, for the question of which is better between the two, the answer isn’t quite as simple as people like to make it out to be. Some people prefer the power and duration offered by the Stihl Deathadder, while others prefer the ease of use afforded by the Rockwell. There is no right or wrong answers to these questions, but they are usually dependent upon personal preferences and what is most important to you as a homeowner. The model that you choose is going to depend on your own goals and tastes. If you want long-lasting battery power and the option of manually changing the deck length to suit your own needs, then the Stihl Deathadder is definitely the model for you.

If, on the other hand, you want the cheapest and easiest way to keep your lawn looking great, then you should go for the Rockwell. It is also completely customizable and comes with its own sensors that let it determine the exact length of the grass and make any necessary changes, if needed. The last major decision you will have to make is whether you want a manual start or a remote start. Many people prefer the former, though most of them do realize that you can often get by with just the remote. Whichever way you go, having a robotic lawn mower can be a very convenient addition to your household.