How to Remove Honda Self Propelled Mower Oil

Do you own a Honda self propelled mower, and if so, do you know how to change the oil in it? The Honda mowers are generally good as far as lawn mowing is concerned, but there are always little things that can be done to make them last longer. The Honda mower is no exception. If you want to extend the life of your mower, you will have to learn how to change the oil in it on a regular basis.

There are two types of mowers in existence today: electric and gas powered. The gas driven mower has a drive system that includes an engine and a transmission, while the electric mower has a battery that stores the power it needs to move the mower. Both of these types of mowers require maintenance, and the oil for the gas powered mower is easy to find at any local hardware store. It is also easy to find the oil for the battery in most stores. The only tool you will need to change the oil in your Honda self propelled mower is a screwdriver.

The first step to changing your mower oil is to remove the riding cartridge. You do this by opening the cover on the back of the machine and removing the oil tank. Next, you must locate the oil filter and detach it from its position where it is mounted on the front of the machine. The filter will need to be removed because it contains natural occurring minerals that cause various problems with mowing. If you don’t change the oil in the Honda, it can cause the problem with the engine.

Next, you need to locate the mower pump. It is located under the seat in front of the driver. On some models of mowers, it is under the seat in the back. To access it, you have to remove the hand crank that is attached to the chain and turn it counterclockwise. This will guide you to the mower oil pump.

When the oil is drained from the mower, it is time to remove the old filter. Do this by detaching it from its bolt and unscrewing the filter off of the shaft. It is important that you take your time when removing the filter because you do not want to damage it while removing it.

Remove the old oil tank from the engine and place it somewhere safe. You may also want to remove the gasket that surrounds the oil tank if you haven’t already done so. This gasket will help keep the oil tank from blowing out into the driveway when it has to be replaced. Once you have the oil tank out of the way, you will need to look inside the engine block. This area is usually covered with a filter, so you will have to look for the oil filter under the ground.

You can remove the old oil tank without damaging it if you locate it using a flashlight. If you have an older model, there is a metal clip on the top of the oil tank that holds the oil in place. Use the screwdriver to pry it loose, which will allow you to remove it and put it in a trash bag. Once you have the oil out of the mower, you will need to look at the gasket again. There are small pieces of plastic on the gasket that cover the rollers and gears inside the oil tank. These pieces are easily damaged, so you should replace the gasket before you move on.

Now that you have taken out the old oil tank, you are ready to remove the new one from the car. Place the new oil tank over the crankcase and start the engine to drain the oil. When the engine stops, check the level in the oil tank, which should be relatively low. Reinsert the oil cap and reassemble the engine, retuning the oil pump and motor as necessary.