How To Bring Your Ego Down

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How To Bring Your Ego Down

The ego has nothing to do with garden maintenance and upkeep. It’s a problem for those who don’t have any garden-related ego. I know I don’t, and I get frustrated when I run into one of those who are. If you are looking for an ego-free manual on how to maintain your garden or lawn then read on, this is what you need to know. Please consider this information.

“Ego is like drunkenness; it stops you from being creative and working.” – Albert Einstein “When you want something enough, you’ll go broke trying to get it.” – Richard Bach “Ego is like insanity, without it your brain would be like a servant that answers nothing.” – Victor Hugo

What’s so funny about that last quote is it was spoken almost seventy years ago. By the time he said that ego was like insanity, we had just experienced one financial crash after another. We didn’t see the handwriting on the wall until it was too late. I’m not saying that Bach was a lunatic; quite the contrary, he was extremely intelligent.

In sports, the term ego has a completely different meaning. The term ego when applied to sports is referred to as “the sense of competition.” The ego can cause us to place a tremendous amount of importance on the outcome of a sporting event. I’m not sure why anyone would want to be an ego maniac when it comes to something as simple as playing a game.

Let’s say you’re building a new deck and you’ve spent several days, nights, weeks and maybe even months building to perfection. Now you sit down to start enjoying it, only to have someone ask, “How long was it really? “, or “What’s the secret to that beautiful deck you’re working so hard on?” A true ego maniac will not take any of this crap, and they will simply glare at the person who asks the question. Not only that, if the person keeps staring at them they may even growl or say something to them, like, “Hey, get out of my face!”

Well that’s what the ego does when it gets involved in any situation. It acts like a stalker. It tells the questioner, “You don’t know anything about what I’m talking about, get out of my face!” and then takes over. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in such a poor mood that you would not want to leave the room, but it’s a definite possibility when the ego comes into play.

In addition to acting as a stalker, the ego will also tell you to lie to yourself. Now, it’s not all about being a liar, but most likely you will start to believe whatever you’re told by the ego, instead of what is actually happening. You are getting influenced, and nothing good can result from that.

So in conclusion, let me remind you once again, to never speak ill of the ego, or you’ll be sorry. It will consume you, and that’s not a pretty picture, I assure you. Speak positively of the ego, and it will give you inspiration. You’ll see things differently, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

One thing the ego doesn’t like is criticism. And yes, criticism is a part of growing, improving, becoming more aware of your surroundings and the world around you. The ego doesn’t like criticism, because it reminds it that you are a creature of your environment and not perfect. But the more you improve yourself in every way, the less you will need the ego.

I know what you are thinking at this point. “Who cares about the ego?” Well, the ego doesn’t care about the ego, at least not anymore than you do. That’s right, the ego isn’t on your side any longer. It’s dead.

Have you seen it yet? It’s called awareness. Consciousness without ego, and what could be better? Now go get your ego, because it’s about to die soon…